Reality can't compete with imagination.

Each project is crafted with love, passion and unfathomable dedication whether it be a big budget video game, an indy project or another medium that helps push the bar and the entire interactive media industry forward.


Founded in

Nagoya, Japan

Founded On

1st of March, 2020

We're  a creative house.

Originally founded in Aichi, Japan as a small experimental studio focused on experimental projects within the video game industry, Gaijyn is a development and publishing house focused on crafting digital experiences that are foreign in the current day climate; experimental, experience-driven and free from best practices that are rampant within interactive industries.

Our creative line-up.

Babylon Online

Explore the world of Babylon, a classic MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) that puts you in a world of 7th Century AD Europe, China, Egypt and South-East Asia.

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